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A place you can meet those who wore your boots, walked your path, and still have your back . . .


The name Dryhootch is derived from two ideas; "Dry," meaning the organization operates within a sober environment, and "Hootch," military jargon for a safe place where service members live while on base. By combining these two ideas, "Dryhootch" was formed.

Dryhootch is a nonprofit organization founded in 2008, by Bob Curry, a Vietnam veteran, with a mission of "Helping veterans and their families who survived the war, survive the peace." Since opening its first coffee house in 2010, Dryhootch has quickly grown.

Dryhootch provides veterans, their families and the community a stable, substance ­free rally point to gather, build awareness of, and enhance post-service life experiences. Their goals are to build knowledge of veteran issues, foster relationships with the community and support veterans and their families through their own healing process. In working closely with VA Hospitals, government agencies, the court system, healthcare providers, and other nonprofit organizations,

Dryhootch provides assistance to veterans in obtaining the support they need to improve their quality of life. Dryhootch helps empower veterans during their transition home in order to help ease their journey. This mission is accomplished in two ways: (1) providing a social space (a coffee house) where veterans, their families and friends, and the general public can share stories, educational tips and services in a stigma and substance free environment, (2) providing a Peer Mentor Program where veterans and their family members can receive one-­to-­one peer mentoring or participate in peer support groups run by certified veteran peer mentors. A variety of peer support groups are held such as: Post Traumatic Stress (PTSD), Addiction, Family Support, Survivors of Suicide, Veterans Over Sixty, and Women Warriors. 

Dryhootch-Madison is a Chapter of Dryhootch.org and has multiple locations in Milwaukee.